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Keep your engine in health!


Autoplug will incessantly monitor the computer in your car while driving. If you have any problems with the engine or other systems, Autoplug will immediately inform you about them!

Engine en

Find Service

If the engine problems appear and the service visit will be required, Autoplug will prepare you a special errors report, which you will be able to send to your service and make an appointment. You can also look for the nearest service next to you and contact it by Autoplug.

Monitor all your car expenses



Save all your refueling in one place. You'll see how much you spend on gas and which gas station is the cheapest!



Write down how much you spent on parts and labor. How much repairs cost you at all.



Autoplug will show you all of the manufacturer's prescribing service for your car. You'll know when to change the oil, filtrs or timing belt.



All of the statistics of your expenses in one place. Autoplug will show you how many actually costs you your car.

Analyze all your trips!

Autoplug will show you all the details of your journey, such as cost, time, distance, amount of fuel burned, etc.

Mapbox en

Forgot where you parked?

Autoplug will help you find your car. It will lead you exactly where you parked.

Activate crash alert

Crash Alert

Safety first! If you have an accident, Autoplug immediately sends a message to your loved ones telling them about your location, and registered the car damage.


Learn more about your car!

Plug & Play

Simple AutoPLUG&PLAY technology! Connect the device with your cars OBD port, open the application and you are ready go!

Why Autoplug.in?

  • Makes it easy to find your car in the parking lot
  • Monitors all car expenses
  • Keeps your engine healthy
  • Analyses completed routes
  • Informs automatically your relatives while crash
  • Contributes to monitoring the given person’s state of a car


Bluetooth ® Low Energy 4.0

Autoplug cares of your battery in the phone. We use the latest Bluetooth solutions!


Available on iOS and Android

Autoplug is available on iOS ver. 7 and younger, as well as Android 4.x.

Iphone made

Made For iPhone

Our device is MFi certificated Apple accessory.
Our device is certified by Apple Inc.., so that you have a 100% guarantee of a stable connection to your iPhone.

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Autoplug is available on iOS ver. 7 and younger, as well as Android 4.x.

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In case your car was not compatible wit h Autoplug.in

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